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Larry Foley
Larry Foley
Joyce Foley
Joyce Foley
About Larry
In 2005 Larry Foley read a book that changed his life. After reading this book he was determined to change his personal and financial goals by launching his first independent business venture. This is not only his aim on a go forward basis but a true work in progress.

Larry’s extensive work experience has been the launch pin for his new founded goals. With over 35 years experience at General Motors Corporation in key Divisional and Corporate managerial positions, a wealth of profound knowledge was not only attained, but also utilized for the past several years in the business world after leaving General Motors.

Larry finds immense personal gratification in the mentoring and teaching of students at all age levels. Past experiences include teaching at a Junior College and at General Motors Institute. Larry not only taught at General Motors Institute, but he participated as a team member in the development of the curriculum. The courses Larry has and continues to teach are in Materials Management, Lean Manufacturing, Logistics and Transportation. Larry was also invited to speak at both the undergraduate and masters degree level at two major universities in Michigan.

Larry has earned a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from Lawrence Technological Institute, and a Masters of Science in Business Administration at Central Michigan University.

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About Joyce
Joyce’s parents immigrated to the United States from Malta Europe when she was four years old. She learned English while growing up in Detroit since Maltese was the spoken language in her home, and, she still speaks it very fluently.

Joyce and Larry were high school sweethearts and married in their early twenties. They have three grandchildren with the eldest enrolled in college. Joyce and Larry have always been active in their church and community. Both were members of a booster club board of directors with Joyce serving as treasurer for four years, two as secretary, and two years as publicity and public relations director.

Joyce was also employed with a very successful brass manufacturing company where she was involved in the mining, refining and processing of key data elements for the enterprise.

Even though her children are grown, she still enjoys volunteering her time with various fundraisers, church and volunteer activities. Most fulfilling for Joyce is singing in the church choir with her husband, while also being a cantor for eleven years. She believes that there is much gratification in giving of one’s self.

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